We have started our journey in 2014 with the aim of working in the area of Cloud, SaaS, eCommerce, Analytics and IoT. SCHOPE stands for Scope+ Hope. We beleive if you have hope, you will find lot of scope, so never give up.
We have a very strong and dedicated team with a combination of efficient developers, innovative architects, domain experts and experienced project managers.

Become a globaly accepted leading solution providing organization in the area of cloud, SaaS, eCommerce IoT.


  • Provide cheapest and easiest cloud base business solution for the SME & microSME.
  • Bring Smooth and business friendly hybrid B2B eCommerce platform, which will clone wholesale trade and corporate / industrial sourcing.
  • Provide unified communication solution for business/corporations with a very minimum cost.
  • Design and develop IoT product for better living and making life easier.
September 4, 2018